Axygen® 0.5mL Thin Wall PCR Tubes with Flat Caps

Axygen® 0.5mL polypropylene thin-walled PCR tubes for thermal transfer applications. The ultra-thin and consistent PCR tube walls ensure that thermal transfer is precisely even along the surface of the tube.

Axygen® PCR tubes feature flat topped attached caps which have a unique design that guarantees a perfect fit and prevents sample evaporation during thermal cycling. All Axygen® PCR tubes are manufactured using highly polished molds and are free of lubricants, dyes, heavy metals, and fillers. Certified RNase-, DNase-, and pyrogen-free to ensure the purity of your reaction. Flat top PCR tubes have a write-on surface for sample labeling. Tube capacity: 0.5mL. Available in multiple colors for sample organization and batch identification.

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