Bio Plas Hexa-Flex™ Safety Caps for Culture & Test Tubes

Bio Plas Hexa-Flex™ safety caps snap tightly on to test tubes and culture tubes with a liquid-tight seal which ensures sample integrity and prevents spillage. These test tube safety caps available in multiple colors which makes sample identification simple and provide a visual measure to avoid sample cross-contamination. Hexa-Flex Safety Caps also protect your laboratory staff from highly-infectious organisms such as TB and the HTLV-III virus.

These universally-sized safety caps fit culture tubes, test tubes and blood collection tubes. Caps fit 10, 12, 13, 16 and 18mm sizes with a unique stepped-tier design. These liquid-tight seals also prevent sample evaporation and are engineered to hold up under centrifugation, agitation, freezer storage and refrigerated storage.

Caps easily lock securely in place over the lip opening of the test tube. To secure the cap, press down the cap with your thuimb to lock in to place -- To open, pry the cap up with your thumb. Simple one-handed opening and closing.