Wheaton® LVI™ Vial Convenience Pack Limited Volume Autosampler Vials with 11mm Aluminum Seals, 0.3mL Amber Glass

Wheaton LVI™ Vial Convenience Packs include 100 limited volume glass vials in shrink-wrapped trays and separately packaged E-Z Seal™ 11mm aluminum seals. The Wheaton LVI™ Vial autosampler vial features a sealed-in, limited-volume insert which allows more consistent sample recovery from vial to vial and reduces the possibility of autosampler needle damage. The insert has a slight flare at the top that provides a larger needle target and the manufacturing process precisely controls the depth and position of the insert relative to the bottom of the vial. Vials include a white ceramic write-on patch for easier sample identification. Limited volume glass autosampler vials also feature an 11mm crimp top finish with a large opening. Limited Volume Vial Capacity: 300µL. O.D. x Height: 12 x 32mm. Manufactured from Wheaton amber Type I Class A borosilicate glass.