Wheaton® Omni-Vial® Plastic Liquid Scintillation Vials

Wheaton® 4mL polypropylene Omni-Vial® plastic vials are designed for beta and gamma counting, but they can also be used for RIA, liquid scintillation counting, sample storage, sample counting and chromatography. Wheaton Omni-Vials® have a smooth interior allowing easy transfer and access with a pipettor. Polyolefins used in these vials can be safely incinerated without the formation of hazardous gases.

Wheaton® 6mL HDPE Omni-Vial® plastic scintillation vials are manufactured from high density polyethylene and have a quarter-turn press-on cap. Vials are manufactured from virgin high density polyethylene. Vials and caps are bulk packaged separately.