Corning® Coliform Test Sample Containers

Sterile 120mL Corning® coliform water test sample container with sodium thiosulfate tablet is used to test for the presence of coliform bacteria, microbiological contaminants in drinking water. Manufactured from pure polypropylene in a sterile environment and sterile-by-process. The one-piece container has an attached lid to reduce chance of contamination. Locking arrow assures sterility has not been compromised. The EPA fill line of 100mL +/- 2.5% makes it easy to use. A sodium thiosulfate tablet has been added to each container thus saving lab prep time and expense. Leak tight when sealed properly. An added benefit is the tie-down to protect from accidental opening that also serves as a custody seal. Sample label and instructions for use are supplied with each. A low cost, convenient product which meets EPA requirements. Coliform water test sample containers are also available without the sodium thiosulfate tablet. Corning 1700-100 & 1705-100.

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