KemLab™ HARE-SQ™ Negative High Aspect Ratio Epoxy Photoresists

KemLab™ HARE SQ™ is a negative tone epoxy photoresist designed for polymeric MEMS, microfluidics, micromachining and other permanent microelectronic applications. Sensitive to NUV, i-line and broadband wavelengths. Film thicknesses from 2 to 200 microns.

KemLab™ HARE SQ™ epoxy photoresist also outperforms SU-8 epoxy-based photoresist. This unique photoresist also uses superior epoxies specially designed for the electronics industry, making improvements in optical transparency, particles and filter-ability, cured surface energy consistency, and photoresist lot-to-lot consistency versus industry competitors. The HARE-SQ™ photoresist uses an epoxy resin with superior cleanliness and excellent reproducibility. Consistent surface energy of crosslinked resist (important for microfluidic applications.

KemLab™ HARE SQ™Permanent Appliations Include: MEMS, micro arrays, VSCEL, waveguides, antennas, sensors, microfluidics, PDMS molding, pixel walls, fluidic channels, nozzles and spacers.