Mops & Mop Buckets for the Cleanroom & Lab

Capitol Scientific offers your company a complete line of cleanroom mopping products which include floor mops as well as ceiling mops and wall mops. Cleanroom mop buckets and wringers are also available with a variety of sizes and features including single mop buckets as well as multi-stage mop bucket systems which are ideal for more stringent, mulple-step cleanroom cleaning and maintenance protocols. We represent the most recognized brands of cleanroom mopping systems, cleanroom mops and mop buckets which includes but is not limited to the following manufacturers:

  • Contec® Cleanroom Mops & Mop Buckets
  • TexWipe® Cleanroom Mops & Mop Buckets
  • Berkshire® Cleanroom Mops & Mop Buckets

You may be cleaning a gowning room for a semiconductor manufacturing plant and need a low-particulate cleanroom mop system. On the other hand you might be cleaning the production floors and work surfaces of a pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanroom and need a sterile mopping system. In either case, Capitol Scientific is the right place to source either cleanroom mop and mop bucket cleaning system and get the job done right.