AQUASTAR® Karl Fischer Titration Reagents & Solvents, EMD Millipore

Since its invention by the German petroleum chemist, Karl Fischer, in the 1930's, the iodometric titration method that bears his name has become an increasingly popular analytical technique for quantifying water in a variety of industries. During this time, Karl Fischer titration has evolved from an esoteric novelty to a widely used instrumental method employed in Research & Development, Production, and Quality Control. Karl Fischer titration has been included in most key international Pharmacopeias, as well as in ISO, SOPs, and ASTM guidelines.

Since the 1980's, EMD Millipore has been marketing leading-edge, high performance reagents, quality water standards, and auxiliaries for Karl Fischer analysis under the Aquastar™ brand name. During that time, the Aquastar™ brand has become recognized for:

· Rapid titrations producing accurate reproducible results
· Innovative formulations for specialty applications
· Breadth of offerings
· Responsive customer service
· Knowledgeable technical support