Hazmat Coveralls & Hazmat Suits

Hazmat coveralls, suits and protective clothing provide an excellent barrier to numerous organic and inorganic chemicals including acids and bases. In most instances, hazmat coveralls are certifed to provide the highest classifications for protection from biological agents in accordance with EN 14126:2003 and ASTM F1671 for penetration of blood, bodily fluids and blood-borne pathogens. Most hazmat coveralls feature bound seams to provide excellent strength and solid protection against both liquid splash chemicals and biological fluids as well as particle conaminanants. Coveralls feature different options such as serged collars, attached hoods and attached boots. Hazmat coveralls are designed for an optimal fit and can be worn with either half-face or full-face respirators. Hazmat coveralls most often feature a two-way front zipper system with a double-sided taped storm flap for a liquid- and particle-proof secure seal. All coveralls also feature integral finger loops within the cuffs to ensure the sleeves do not slide around on the forearms. Applications include but are not limited to: environmental clean-up, sewage purification installations and composites manufacturing.