Eppendorf Mastercycler® & Thermal Cycler Accessories

Eppendorf® is an innovator, designing instruments that fit the needs of today's scientist. The Mastercycler® gradient by Eppendorf-still popular today-was the first available gradient thermal cycler. Today the gradient function remains critical for the optimization of a PCR reaction.

The next generation Mastercycler ep is a lab favorite and still one of the fastest cyclers around. Given this history of innovation, it's only natural that Eppendorf would now introduce the latest in evaporation reduction technology-vapo.protect®. With a shift to low volume reactions and faster protocols, the need to safeguard the integrity of your sample has become increasingly vital. The Mastercycler pro does just that.

Eppendorf has also addressed the needs of real-time PCR. Integrating the advantages of the Mastercycler ep gradient family, we have developed a fully licensed real-time PCR system that meets the requirements of the latest quantitative PCR applications. Faster speeds, highest precision, excellent temperature control stability, extremely user-friendly, and absolute reliablity united with a flexible concept: these are the characteristics of the Mastercycler families.