KemLab™ Photoresists

Capitol Scientific proudly represents KemLab™ Photoresists and Lithography Products. While KemLab™ provides the majority of the lithography technical expertise and consulting, Capitol Scientific is KemLab’s primary stocking distributor in the United States. We can provide your company with a small test sample for most any KemLab™ photoresist, developer or lithography product free of charge.

About KemLab™ Photoresists & Lithography Products:
KemLab™ is a US-based photoresist manufacturing facility and photolithography research and innovation company. The world headquarters and production facilities are located in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA. KemLab™ is focused on high-tech photosensitive imaging materials used in the electronics industry providing high quality and cost-competitive products to both North America and overseas markets. They offer a diverse portfolio of Positive and Negative photoresists for production, pilot, and research environments. They are also experts in photoresist for advanced packaging, MEMS & Microfluidics, integrated circuits, metal lift-off, compound semiconductors, LED, image reversal, diffraction gratings, and sensors.

KemLab™ was founded by experienced lithographers with extensive experience in research, development and manufacturing. As such, KemLab™ is uniquely positioned to provide production volumes, advanced analysis, industry expertise, and open and responsive communications to assist in process optimization and customization to fit your company's or institution's specific application.