JT Baker® HYDRA-POINT™ Karl Fischer Titration Reagents & Solvents

The J.T.Baker® brand HYDRA-POINT™ product line is developed with a pyridine-free formulation specifically for use in Karl Fischer volumetric and coulometric titrations. This line of Karl Fischer reagents, titrants and solvents is suited for a variety of markets including Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Industrial, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Analytical Testing, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Academic/Institutes.

J.T.Baker® HYDRA-POINT ™ Karl Fischer reagents make water determination easy and trouble-free. Products are formulated to give you consistent and reliable results for all types of samples. HYDRA-POINT ™ products reach endpoint quickly, accurately and with excellent reproducibility, allowing you to perform more titrations in less time. Several application-specific reagents include General use, Oils & Transformer Oils, Aldehydes and Ketones, Diaphragmless, Chloroform-Free and those specifically for use with a Karl Fischer Oven.

JT Baker® also offers a complete line of ready-to-use volumetric solutions and volumetric solution concentrates, including high-quality sodium hydroxide grades and hydrochloric acid solutions, to save you the time and expense of preparation. Visit http://www.avantormaterials.com/Laboratory-Chemicals.aspx for a full product listing and additional information including specifications, package types and pricing.