UVP® PCR Workstations & Cabinets

UVP® standard UV PCR workstations and cabinets control potential PCR contamination with the built-in UV for inactivation of DNA between experiments. Shortwave UV source positioned as overhead UV. UV is controlled with a key switch and 30-minute timer to decontaminate apparatus and chamber with the shortwave UV. Shortwave ultraviolet irradiation can be used as a standard laboratory practice to reduce surface and airborne contaminants in the chamber. Designed for placement of large instruments on the work area or tubes, flasks and pipettes.

UVP® HEPA/UV PCR workstations and cabinets are designed to eliminate PCR contamination. The cabinets and workstations brings together UV irradiation and antimicrobial Stainless Steel to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. HEPA/UV PCR systems additionally use a four-stage filter system - pre-filter captures large dust particles, Carbon filter (activated charcoal) eliminates gases, odor, smoke and also reduces Ozone to improve microarray data quality, HEPA (High Efficiency Energy Particulate) filter blocks particles down to 0.3 microns. The ZerOzone catalyst grid not only blocks Ozone but it also supplies a gentle airflow onto the sample work area. This airflow creates a working environment that blocks entry of unwanted contaminants on PCR samples. Three UV (UV3) sources - filter area, chamber work area, UV/air recirculator. A 30-minute timer sets shortwave UV exposure to decontaminate apparatus and work chamber for specific times.