Reagent Alcohol, Denatured

Reagent Grade Alcohol (RGA) is a very important General Use Formula. Reagent Alcohol is made by adding 5 parts by volume (i.e. gallons) of Isopropyl Alcohol to 95 parts of by volume SDA-3A Alcohol. Formula SDA-3A is 100 parts pure Ethanol mixed with 5 parts of pure Methanol. Therefore, Reagent Alcohol is an SDA-3A derivative, or put another way Reagent Alcohol is a ‘Denatured SDA-3A’. The actual percentages by weight and volume of Ethanol-Methanol-IPA are not exactly 90-5-5 due to the nature of the blend (as if often misunderstood (90.25% Ethanol, 4.75% Methanol & 5% IPA by volume).

Reagent Alcohol has one of the lowest levels of denaturant of all the General Use Formulas. It is also one of the few formulas that does not contain MIBK or Ethyl Acetate. It is among the cleanest and purest of the General Use Formulas as it is the ‘all alcohol, denatured Ethanol’. By using Reagent Grades of Methanol and IPA, Reagent Alcohol can be made for UV and LC suitability. Due to the low level of denaturants, the high purity of the denaturants and the fact that no permits are required for quantities under 4-Lters, Reagent Alcohol is the Denatured Ethanol of choice among Hospitals, Universities and Research Institutions.