Thermal Protection & Cryogenic Gloves

Capitol Scientific offers a wide variety of both heat-resistant (or high-temperature) and cryogenic (or cold-temperature gloves) from a host of industry recognized manufacturers.

"How do I select the best heat resistant gloves?" you may ask. The answers lies in the material type used to manufacture the heat resistant gloves. Heat resistant gloves will begin to degrade in direct correlation to the materail type used to make the gloves. On the lower end of heat resistance, cotton heat-resistant gloves will begin to degrade at around 300°F. Leather heat-resistant gloves will begin to degrade at around 430°F. On the higher side of the heat resistance spectrum, optimal heat resistant hand protection is found in terry-cloth heat-resistant gloves and Kevlar® heat-resistant gloves. Kevlar® heat-resistant gloves begin to degrade at around 850°F. Terry-cloth gloves are designed to provide better heat insulation by trapping air within the looped knit strand outer surface of the material. Both terry-cloth heat resistant gloves also provide excellent cut and abrasion resistance protection for the hands. The best way to select the right level of heat protection is to know a more precise temperature of the object to be handled and then choose the corresponding material type construction of heat-resistant glove.

"How do I select the best cryogenic gloves or cold-resistant gloves?" you may also ask. Again, you will need to know the more precise temperature of the object you will be handling and also if there are other types of protection you will need. For example, when handling liquid nitrogen, it is important to select a cryogenic glove that can withstand the below freezing temperature of the material and can also provide a high level of liquid and splash protection. Cryogenic and cold-resistant protective gloves are available in multiple material types which provide different levels of hand protection.

Capitol Scientific offers cryogenic gloves and cold-resistance gloves from top manufacturers like Ansell®: Healthcare, Mapa® Professional, Protective Industrial Products and many others.