Polypropylene Cellulose Cleanroom Wipes

Polypropylene and cellulose fiber fabrics are combined together to create a highly aborbent cleanroom wipe. These polypropylene cellulose cleanroom wipes are comprised of an inner layer of cellulose thermally bonded to two outer layers of polypropylene. They are designed for spill cleanups, the application or removal of chemicals and solvents and many other cleaning. Recommended for ISO 6-8 controlled environments.


  • Multi-layer cellulose inner and polypropylene outer composite cleanroom wipe
  • Outer polypropylene layers are thermally bonded to cellulose core
  • Innovative cleaning properties

  • Outer layers resist abrasion and wick rapidly
  • Inner layer traps and holds liquids, cleaning solutions and solvents
  • Delivers dryer wiper surface combined with super absorbency
  • Ideal for cleaning acids, solvents and other dangerous chemicals
  • Low particulate generation and chemical extractables
  • Strong, durable and absorbent