FG Clean Wipes Sontara® Enhanced Polyester Cellulose Wipes (C1E)

Sontara® takes the versatility of a polyester cellulose non-woven fabric and adds strength, softness, and enhanced cleanliness. A special treatment in the manufacturing process further reduces ions, NVRs and particulates. This creates the highest level of cleanliness for a cleanroom wiper in its class. Recommended for ISO 5-8 controlled environments.


  • Significantly lower in particles than other non-woven fabrics
  • Pure and clean: Residue-Free
  • Ideal for picking up large, aqeous spills
  • Provides the advantage of a best-in-class non-woven poly-cell with critical cleanliness

  • Critical tool and equipment cleaning
  • Aqeuous spill pickup
  • Removal of difficult residues
  • Workstation wipe downs
  • Applying and removing solutions
  • LCD and display cleaning
  • Cleaning with solvents and cleaning solutions
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Life science, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications