Twill Jean Cotton Cleanroom Wipes

Twill Jean cotton wipes feature a knit construction which provides extreme durability to the natural heat and chemical resistances of a cotton wipe. The raised twill pattern adds superior cleaning action to the mix, lifting and trapping surface contaminants and cutting through residues. Recommended for ISO 7-9 controlled environments.


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Tighly woven twill pattern
  • Bias cut for smoother edges

  • Non-abrasive texture provides superior contaminant removal
  • Extremely durable under either wet or dry conditions
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Super absorbent
  • Static-Free

  • Residue removal
  • Large spill pickup and cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning high-temperature surfaces
  • Wide-ranging support areas and processes
  • Critical tool and equipment wipe-downs
  • Aerospace
  • Ideal all-purpose cotton wiper