Industrial Work Gloves

Ansell® ActivArmr® 52-547 Medium-Duty Work Gloves with Nitrile Palms

Ansell® ActivArmr® 52-547 series work gloves feature a nitrile rubber impregnated coating on a jersey cotton glove liner. Supersedes the classic leather general purpose glove in medium-duty applications. More flexible, more comfortable and far more hard-wearing. Offers superior resistance to abrasion and good protection against snags, cuts and punctures. Effectively repels grease, oil and dirt with a soft, flexible jersey lining. Offers a close, comfortable fit while safely cushioning the hand. Absorbs perspiration, keeping the hand dry and comfortable for longer. Excellent dry grip. Makes handling quicker and easier. Safely machine-washable: will not shrink, stiffen or lose its shape. More hygienic and longer lasting – can safely and economically be laundered and re-used.