IW Tremont Quilted Absorbent Chemical Spill Lab Wipes & Bench Liner Pads

Chemically resistant bench liner spill pad wiper sheets by IW Tremont are designed for the demanding safety requirements of the modern laboratory. These highly absorbent wipes are manufactured with a complex, proprietary fused 100% polypropylene fibrous matrix which is a lightweight polyolefin and has incredibly high chemical resistance. They are chemically resistant to most short term exposures to organic solvents as well as aggressive acids and alkaline bases.

Each quilted sheet lays flat as a bench pad with sufficient stiffness to reduce bunching seen with competing brands. However, they are still soft enough to be used as an absorbent lab wipe. These benchtop wipers have a 290g/m2 basis weight which is sufficient to easily handle volume spills of up to 50mL safely and quickly. Binding dots accumulate fluids and migrate deeper into the pad, allowing fast surface absorption and higher fluid hold saturation. They are green in color, but are also available in custom colors and sizes as an OEM custom product.

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