3M™ General Purpose Masking Tape 203

M™ General Purpose Masking Tape 203 features a rubber adhesive that provides good instant adhesion that sticks to a wide variety of surfaces and reduces time and effort needed to run down. Ideal for good holding power to help resist lifting or curling. Crepe paper backing that is conformable to maintain integrity when formed around a corner. Backing resists slivering yet exhibits easy, hand tearability. Backsize treatment provides easy, controlled unwind. Ideal for good paint hold-out that resists bleed-through.

Typical physical and performance characteristics include: Thickness: 4.7 mils; Adhesion to Steel: 28 oz/Inch Width: Tensile Strength: 22-Lbs./Inch Width: Elongation at Break: 8%: Temperature Use Range: Up to 200°F. (Can be certified for ASTM-D6123/D6123M97. Replaces obsolete PPP-T-42C, Type 1, (CID-A-A-883A).