Kimble® 45325A-50 KIMAX® Tall Form Nessler Color Comparison Tube with Cap Stopper, APHA Standard, 5

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Item Number: C5430-1




Taller and more narrow with a much longer scale length than C5414. Shadowless bottom transmits undistorted light. There are no dark spots when the tube is filled with liquid and viewed from the top using a light source beneath the tube. Ground glass joint style cap stoppers need not be removed to take readings. The word "Shadowless" is printed on the side of the stopper to distinguish between these stoppers and regular weighing bottle stoppers of the same size. Supplied in a matched set of 6. Graduated ring scale of any of the six tubes will not vary by more than 1.5mm from that of other tubes within the set. Replacement cap is 15182. Graduations: at 50mL. Dimensions (O.D. x L): 20mm x 312mm. Scale Length: 200mm-220mm. Joint: 19/10. 6/Set; 1 Set/Case. Kimble® #: 45325A-50.

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