Pure Ethanol, 140 Proof Ethyl Alcohol

140 Proof Alcohol: Contains 70% Ethanol. (Specification is 140 Proof +/- 1%) All Ethanol products have a proof associated with the product description. The proof is the measure of water content of the Ethanol portion of the product and any level of proof can be manufactured based upon the amount of water added.

Pure Undenatured Ethanol: Pure Ethanol is Ethyl Alcohol with no other additives or denaturants. Pure Ethanol is often referred to as pure alcohol even though the term "pure" can refer to any proof. Pure Alcohol is considered "pure" regardless of the "cut" of water (proof). Pure Alcohol (Ethanol) is commonly referred to as Beverage Grade Alcohol. It is always 192 proof and derived from natural sources.

Pure USP Alcohol: Pure Alcohol is also often referred to as USP Alcohol. That is because only pure, undenatured Ethanol can be certified as USP or NF Grade. Not all pure alcohol is USP grade certified, but only 190 and 200 proof pure ethanol which meets or exceeds the stringent standards set forth in the US Pharacopoeia.

Natural vs. Synthetic Ethyl Alcohol: All Ethanol products can be made with naturally derived Ethanol (Grain alcohol or grain neutral spirits) or synthetically produced Ethanol. Natural alcohol is commonly referred to as Grain Alcohol. While grain and synthetic alcohol are technically the same, there are differences in the limited amount of contaminants in the product in the parts per million (ppm) range.

Federal Excise Taxes & Permits Required: All Pure Ethanol products may be purchased without a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). Pure Ethanol Alcohol is considered 'Taxable Alcohol'. The Federal Government requires an excise tax of $13.50/proof gallon (200 Proof, Pure Alcohol = $27.00/Wine Gallon). A tax exempt certificate is required to be on file with Capitol Scientific to avoid paying Federal Excise Tax on Pure Alcohol. The excise tax is paid immediately to the Federal Government after the sale. Capitol Scientific makes no profit from collecting, handling or passing on the tax -- nor do we enjoy any portion of it as a fee. (Denatured ethanol products to not require a Federal Excise Tax). ONLY customers with an exemption certificate on file with Capitol Scientific are exempt from paying the Federal Excise Tax. Eligibility for exemption and issuance of the certificate are applied for, determined and issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms -- Not Capitol Scientific.

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