LAUDA® Integral XT Process Recirculating Thermostats

LAUDA® Integral XT large scale process thermostats ares available in air-cooled or water-cooled versions to fit your specific temperature control need. Multiple models are available which provide various temperature ranges and and require different minimal filling volumes.

LAUDA® Integral XT process thermostats feature a removable Command thermostatic temperature control unit with a graphic LCD and automatic adjustment of the control parameters via integrated software for adaptive control. Thermostats feature a Vario pump with eight levels of adjustment for application-specific adaptation of flow and pressure. Thernmostats allow for extremely rapid temperature changes, resulting from the small, internal, thermally active heat transfer medium. Thermostat units are also very simple to fill and drain.

Applications include temperature control of stirrer tanks and reactors in chemistry, pharmacy, or bio-technology, thermal tests on test stands, and use in material tests.

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