Tuttnauer® Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Cleaners

Tuttnauer® Clean & Simple ultrasonic baths feature 60kHz of quiet cleaning power, which is less aggressive to instruments, yet strong enough to remove all surface contamination. These ultrasonic baths are designed for cleaning laboratory glassware, medical instruments, jewelry and most any item with a hard, non-organic surface. These ultrasonic baths are available in either a 1-Gallon or 3-Galloncapacity stainless steel tank. Both size ultrasonic cleaners are furnished with a matching stainless steel cover. A full selection of optional accessories is available to meet your specific needs.

For added sample processing and ultrasonic cleaning power, choose an "H" model, which features a built-in heating unit. (See Item # HEI-023211070 for the 1-Gallon model with heater or HEI-023211080 for the 3-Gallon model with heater).

Fill your ultrasonic bath with water and drop in two cleaning tablets (See Item #HEI-023212030). Watch them dissolve and clean in about a minute. The tablets create a non-ionic cleaning solution that is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable.

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