BrandTech BVC21 NT Biofluid Aspirator Pump System

The BVC21 NT and BVC21 NT VARIO™ are wholly redesigned versions of VACUUBRAND's stand-alone biofluid aspirating system. It's an excellent choice for removing supernatants and other fluids from Petri dishes, microtitration plates, cell culture flasks, and more. It isolates aspiration applications from house vacuum (or provides vacuum if house vacuum is absent), keeping the house system clean and eliminating cross-contamination and vacuum interference. The ergonomic hand controller accepts common pipettes and tips, and does not directly contact aspirated fluids.

Both models now feature a full chemistry-design ME2C vacuum pump with fluoropolymer flowpath. Typical service intervals are in excess of 10,000 operating hours. Aspiration is controlled by a touch-sensitive controller than may be easily used in either the left or right hand. A thumbwheel allows precise microliter-volume aspiration and dispensing. Pump runs only as necessary to maintain vacuum level in receiving container, reducing noise and wear. Adding a second coupling and controller allows the BVC21 NT to be used by two technicians simultaneously. Additional VacuuTransContainers are available to allow operation, even while previously aspirated materials are being autoclaved. An integrated 0.2µm filter helps prevent aspirated aerosols from entering the pump, and being spread into the laboratory.

The BVC21 NT VARIO™ aspirating system features a variable speed pump drive which adjusts vacuum level from gentle to powerful for different applications.

Note: Use of free-radical oxidizing agents (e.g., chlorine bleach) in the collection vessel of the BVC21 NT will shorten the life of the pump and other components, and will void the warranty.

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