Nalgene® Repairable Hand-Operated Vacuum Pumps

Nalgene® repairable hand-operated vacuum pumps have a new handle design which makes them more durable. These manual vacuum pumps can quickly attain and hold a vacuum of 25 inches (635mm) Hg. Vacuum trigger release requires only one hand to operate and releases vacuum with the touch of an index finger. Adjustable vacuum release rate is controlled by a trigger on the pump. Choose from two different styles of vacuum pumps which provide a pumping rate of 15cc/stroke or 36cc/stroke. Full blank port pressure is obtained with only two strokes. These manual vacuum pumps have a removable cover on the exhaust port and a trigger to release vacuum without disconnecting pump from the line. Models are available either with or without a vacuum gauge. Ideal for field or lab use. Vacuum pump nozzles fit standard 1/4 inch I.D. tubing and are supplied with a two-foot length of clear plastic tubing.

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