New Brunswick Scientific Ultra-Low Temperature Lab Freezers, Upright

Keep your samples safe, secure and easily accessible with the space saving Innova U101. This unique, personal sized upright freezer packs in all the features of our full uprights into one small package. The U101 fits easily on or under your lab bench or can be stacked 2 high. Model U360 provides advanced design and sophisticated controls for labs tight on space and is the first of the Innova line to feature our advanced new controller with extra-large display and graphing capability. The U535 is the most versatile Innova upright which offers the largest capacity in both 120 V and 220 V configurations. With a footprint occupying 7.4 ft2 it can be placed almost anywhere and still hold a significant number of samples. The most popular upright freezer in our lineup is the U725, the perfect balance of power and efficiency. The U725 offers fast pull-down and recovery between door openings while consuming only 16.4 kWh/day.

The U410 is the smallest Premium upright freezer providing excellent performance. The U570 is the second largest upright freezer in the Premium line. The largest upright freezer in our Premium line is the U700 and the first Premium freezer to feature an upgraded door gasket and ergonomically placed pressure equalization port. Premium upright freezers will provide years of maintenance-free, reliable operation with minimal energy consumption compared to competitive models.

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