Thermo Scientific® Maxi Mix® Vortex Mixers

Thermo Scientific® compact MaxiMix I Vortex Mixer ensures fast, uniform mixing in continuous operation or touch-on mode. Ideal for enzymatic and RIA assays, general test tube mixing, biochemical assays, viral dilutions preparations, precipitated assays, cell suspension vortexing and tissue sample mixing. Excellent for single and multiple tubes and small flasks with closed tops.

Thermo Scientific MaxiMix II mixer features continuous operation and touch-on modes for gentle to vigorous mixing. Excellent for mixing media in test tubes, mixing cytogenetic suspensions in centrifuge tubes, vortexing cell suspensions and vortexing drug extractions. Ideal for enzymatic and RIA assay applications, atomic absorption sample preparation and Nelson's assay for reducing sugars.

Thermo Scientific MaxiMix III mixer performs functions of four separate apparatus, saving valuable bench space in labs and clinics.

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