Wheaton 60mL BOD Bottles with Robotic Stopper

Wheaton Science 60mL B.O.D. Bottles with Glass Robotic Stopper and Marking Area. These 60mL B.O.D. bottles are used for incubating diluted samples of sewage, sewage effluents, polluted waters, and industrial wastes to determine the amount of oxygen required during stabilization of the decomposable organic matter by aerobic biochemical action. Interchangeable ground stoppers are tapered to prevent air entrapment. Bottles have a flared lip for water seal. A white marking area on the bottles makes it easy to identify samples. These 60mL B.O.D. bottles are available in both un-numbered as well as numbered sets. Numbered B.O.D. bottle sets are provided in 36-count sets beginning with "1 to 36" and ending with "73 to 108". Diameter x Height: 43 x 115mm. 36/Case.