Glass Chromatography Columns

Kimble® Kontes® ChromaFlex™ Glass Chromatography Column, Standard Threaded, Class A

These Kontes® threaded standard ChromaFlex™ chromatography columns are ideal for medium pressure chromatography with either aqueous or organic mobile phases. Column is supplied complete with two PTFE end fittings with 20μm porosity polyethylene bed supports, 5-feet PTFE tubing (1/16-inch OD tubing with 1.0cm, 1/8-inch OD tubing with 2.5 and 4.8cm), 2 flangeless tubing nuts, and 2 flangeless ferrules. Column features a PTFE shielded O-ring that forms a positive, leak-free seal. The solvents contact only the PTFE and borosilicate glass. Recommended for RCRA SW-846 Methods. Class A barrels.