Wheaton® CryoELITE® Cryogenic Vial 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Bottom Inserts

WHEATON® CryoELITE® 2D Data Matrix bar code inserts are designed for CryoELITE® freestanding cryogenic vial sample identification. Inserts are easily applied to the vial by manually pressing and locking them into place inside the bottom of the vial. Bar code numbers are guaranteed to not duplicate and are from the same cryogenic radiation grade, virgin polypropylene as the vials. Barcode inserts are easily readable with standard barcode scanning hardware. Once the bar code insert is applied to the vial, it can be scanned using the WHEATON SingleScan™ Bar Code Reader (Cat. No. W986000). The bar code identification can be simply stored in a Microsoft® Excel® file or any other data collection system.

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