Nunc™ Nunclon™ Cell Culture Flasks with Filter Caps

Nunc™ Nunclon™ cell culture flasks with an HDPE filter cap have excellent optical quality. They have a Nunclon™ Delta treatment, a proprietary cell culture surface treatment that offers maximum adhesion for a broad range of cell types. Flask is individually leak tested. The filter cap allows constant airflow and minimizes chance of contamination. The unique hydrophobic 0.22µm filter cap utilizes a three-dimensional matrix of nonwettable polyethylene fibers that prevent penetration of microorganisms. There are extra caps in each case. The angled short, wide neck allows for easy access. Nunclon™ Delta Certification including testing on 4 different cell types is provided in each case. Sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified to be non-pyrogenic.

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