Nalgene® Separatory Funnels, Teflon® FEP

The Nalgene® Teflon® separatory funnel is break-resistant, transparent, non-stick for easy cleaning, non-wetting for complete draining and impervious most to any chemical it contains. The separatory funnel is an economical answer to continual replacement of fragile and expensive glass separatory funnels. Phase interface of even colorless liquids is visible. These separatory funnels be used with mechanical shakers if a hose clamp is put over stopcock insertion area. Closure and stopcock are leakproof. Stopcock assembly is easily removed for cleaning. Phthalate-free. Teflon® separatory funnels are autoclavable except for stopcock assembly which can be chemically disinfected. Material: Teflon® FEP separatory funnel with a Teflon® TFE stopcock and Tefzel® ETFE screw closure. Nalgene 4301 Series.