Cleanware™ Pipet Washers & Rinsers

The Bel-Art Cleanware™ complete pipet rinsing system includes the pipet rinser, pipet jar and pipet basket. The 18-inch pipet rinser has a high-level water entry provides an air gap between the maximum water level and the end of the water inlet tube ensuring safe and efficient operation. The Scienceware® polyethylene pipet rinser provides a simple, automatic method of rinsing large numbers of pipettes at one time. The "tube within a tube" siphoning system assures rapid, complete and automatic siphoning and refilling over a wide range of inlet water pressures and flow rates. The design minimizes the danger of siphon stalling at certain water inflow rates and prevents any possible backflow into the potable water supply in the event of a pressure interruption. Each rinser includes a 12-Inch long drain tube with a 1-Inch I.D. and 5-Foot long flexible water inlet tube with a 1/2-Inch I.D. The rinser features Octagonal base with a 10-Inch octagonal base for stability.