Wheaton® Reusable PVC Coliwasa Tube Samplers with Brush

The Wheaton® reusable clear PVC Coliwasa sampling tube is designed for safe and simple sampling of drums and tanks. Uniquely designed top spin bar and bottom valve plate mechanism provides a positive seal for sample retention along with greater control for releasing the sample. Modular design also adds flexibility by enabling the connection of several sections to form a longer sampling unit up to 20 ft. (610cm). To use the Coliwasa, simply turn the bar on the top of the handle, insert slowly into the drum to collect liquid in the column, pull the top handle to seat the bottom valve plate and spin the top handle closed, trapping the liquid in the sampler.

Wheaton PVC Coliwasa samplers are chemically-resistant and furnished complete with a matching length cleaning brush. Available in both 4- and 6-foot lengths. Sampler extensions and connectors as well as replacement shafts are sold separately.

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