Bel-Art Autoradiography Marker Pens

Scienceware normal energy level autoradiography marker pens are ideal for marking various films that are to be X-rayed with serial numbers, dates and exposure periods, film position markings, etc. The marker has no bladder and does not contain any vials, thereby avoiding the risk of liquid spillage. Vivid green markings become observable under normal light conditions. These markings are not luminous in the dark, but will be visible on radiography film. The markings have a spectral peak at 5600 Angstroms. Normal incandescent or fluorescent white light may be used to alter the non-radioactive emissions. Energy emissions are 3 to 4 minute long and leave a marked impression without overexposure like generic products do. The pen features a handy pocket clip and is 4.5-inches long. The writing tip is easily advanced by the screw knob. Reversing the screw knob and depressing the tip results in retraction of the writing tip.

High energy level autoradiography marker pens provide a stronger signal intensity than the Scienceware® Normal Energy Level Autoradiography marker and feature an extended energy emission period. The High Energy Level Pen is ideal for marking radiography films like the Kodak XLS. It is also very efficient when film responsiveness is weakened as can be seen with chilled films which specify intensifier screen methods. The marker emits only visible light, not Beta or other isotope emissions. Consequently, an intensifier screen is unnecessary in the X-ray marking protocol.

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