Nalgene® PolyPaper Lab Labels

Nalgene® PolyPaper labels are pressure-sensitive and are manufactured from polyolefin plastic. These laboratory labels resist ultraviolet light, mildew, chemicals, and dirt and won't discolor, crack, or tear. The adhesive backing sticks well to any plastic, glass, or metal surface. These lab labels are ideal for labeling microscopic slides and are chemically compatible with most lab reagents although solvents may dissolve adhesive. Rated to -29°C. Accepts a variety of inks including copier, marker, ballpoint, gels, and technical markers (pretest specific inks for suitability prior to use), but does not accept pencil. Lab labels are available in a variety of sizes to suit your laboratory's sample, equipment and product identification needs. Nalgene 6319 and 6316 Series.