BioPlas Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

Bio-Plas skirted & unskirted screwcap microcentrifuge tubes are ideal for applications in freezer storage, autoclaving, boiling, or irradiation. Seamless conical construction with squared external threads prevents hang up of samples and reduces contamination. External ridges fit rack serrations and allow one-handed opening. Colored PPCO screw caps are fitted with an ethylene propylene O-ring for reliable, leakproof performance. Compatible with most microcentrifuges with fixed angle heads. Withstands over 30,000g. Skirted screwcap microcentrifuge tubes require an adapter (See Cat#: C2817-7) Caps are sold separately. (See C2817A series Cat #'s).

Microcentrifuge tubes which are "siliconized" are ideal for packaging, transporting and storage of any diagnostic tests - especially in the area of biotechnology, biological products and reagents. The siliconized tubes offer an extremely low surface adhesion, which is ideal for protein or nucleic acid studies to prevent any possible loss of sample due to adherence to the inner walls of the tube allowing complete sample recovery.