Nalgene® 280 PUR Polyurethane Tubing

Nalgene® 280 polyurethane tubing is an ester grade lab tubing that is ideal for high-purity laboratory work such as peristaltic pump liquid transfer. This polyurethane tubing exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, low-temperature resilience, and flex-fatigue resistance. This pure polyurethane tubing contains no plasticizers and has low levels of extracables. It is resistant to atmospheric ozone, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and petroleum products for longer life and versitility. It has superior chemical resistance to fuels, oils, and some solvents (not recommended for aqueous solvents). It features high tensile strength and toughness for pressure and vacuum applications, and won't collapse under full vacuum. Transparent Nalgene® PUR tubing is not autoclavable, but can be gas-sterilized. Marked every 12-inches for convenient cutting. Polurethane tubing is transparent for easy liquid flow verification. Nalgene 8030 series.