Wheaton Autosampler Vials

Wheaton ABC Vial™ Convenience Pack Screw Cap Autosampler Vials, Clear Glass

Wheaton ABC Vials™ are manufactured from Type I clear borsilicate glass. Autosampler vials feature a 40% larger opening which improves sample accessibility while reducing autosampler needle damage. Vials feature a superior thread design which provies a more secure seal for the closure. Capacity: 1.8mL. O.D. x Height: 12 x 32mm. Clear borosilicate glass. Screw Thread Finish: 9mm. ABC Vial™ Convenience Pack autosampler vials are packaged in a recyclable PETE clamshell case to help prevent particulate contamination. ABC Vial™ 9mm screw caps are included in your choice of septa liner. Cap Material: Natural Polypropylene.