Ansell® AlphaTec® 66-667 Chemical Resistant Coveralls, Red Polyester

Ansell® AlphaTec® 66-667 series chemical resistant coveralls are made of a unique breathable membrane from Gore-Tex® which helps manage heat stress, while offering exceptional liquid chemical splash protection, enabling the wearer protection, as well as comfort throughout a full shift. Stitched and heat sealed to protect against liquid penetration. Chemical splash fabric provides protection with penetration data for more than 70 chemicals. Durable laminated fabric is machine washable for longer, cost-effective service life. Certified according to NFPA 1992 (Edition 2012) – Liquid Splash-Protective Clothing for Hazardous Materials Emergencies. Design features include: (1) Raglan sleeves, designed for comfortable arm movement. (2) Adjustable hook and loop closure straps at the wrist, ankle and front flap for a snug fit. (3) Double front flap for secured closure. (4) Front tab to clip a microphone or other devices. (5) Optional detachable hood (Ansell® style # 66-664) which is attached to the collar by means of a Velcro® hook and loop.