FG Clean Wipes Extreme Clean Polyester Knit Wipes with Sealed Edges (XCPL/XCPH)

Extreme Clean polyester knit cleanroom wipes by FG Clean Wipes are highly absorbent and ultra-clean. Meticulous attention to detail and sealed edges ensure ultra-low NVRs, extractables and metallic ions. Standard weight or heavy weight knit construction is perfect for a wide range of cleaning, wiping and process support applications. Recommended for ISO 3-7 controlled environments.


  • Ultra-pure 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric
  • Available in either standard weight or heavy weight polyester knit fabric
  • Laser sealed edges
  • Laundered in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom using a proprietary laundering process and wash formulas

  • Cleanliness and dependability for ISO Class 4 cleanroom usage
  • Higher absorbency and durability than normal polyester knit wipes
  • Ultra low particle generation
  • Ultra low extractables, metallic ions and NVRs

  • Large spill pickup
  • Wiping abrasive surfaces
  • Ideal for use in the semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing industries
  • Also widely used in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturing industries