FG Clean Wipes Purity Standard Weight Polyester Knit Cleanroom Wipes (7219/7220)

FG Clean Wipes Purity laundered polyester knit wipes deliver low particles, low fibers and low NVRs of a superior polyester knit, but are economically priced. Unlaundered wipes provide high levels of cleanliness, but offer you a more economical choice for less critical cleaning applications. These polyester knit cleanroom wipes feature options for sealed and unsealed edges, and light or heavyweight construction which provide you with an optimal wipe for your environment or application. Recommended for ISO 4-8 controlled environments.


  • 100% polyester knit fabric - Standard Weight
  • Available in both "laundered" and "un-laundered" options dependent upon your level of need for cleanliness
  • Available in both sealed and unsealed edges
  • Available as "GAMMA IRRADIATED" sterile cleanroom wipes
  • Double-bagged in heavy mil polyethylene cleanroom packaging
  • Processed and packaged in ISO 4 Cleanroom environment

  • Economy and performance
  • Very low NVRs, fibers, ions and extractables
  • Product options available for most any cleaning need

  • General cleanroom wiping and cleaning
  • Wide-ranging process support
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Application and removal of solutions
  • Equipment and tool cleaning in crtical process manufacturing