Ansell® Microflex® Aloe Flex® V51 Green Vinyl Gloves with Aloe Vera

Ansell® Microflex® Aloe Flex® powder-free vinyl gloves have an inner coating of soothing aloe that surrounds the hands to help protect from chapping, drying, and cracking. It is great for use in general purpose areas such as maintanance, gardening, hair coloring, painting, food handling, and other areas that do not require a medical grade glove. Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact. These ambidextrous, non-sterile vinyl gloves have a smooth finish and a beaded cuff.

These gloves have a tensile strength of 9Mpa (min), an Elasticity/Elongation of 300% (min), and a thickness is (+/-0.01mm) 5.0mil. It is ISO 9001 Certified QMS, with a 4.0 AQL rating. Non-sterile. Powder-Free. For General Industrial/Food Use. Material: Vinyl. Color: Green. Finish: Smooth. Cuff: Beaded. Length: 9-1/2 Inches. Thickness (+/-0.01mm): 5.0mil. Tensile Strength: 9Mpa. Elasticity/Elongation: 300% (min). AQL Rating: 4.0.