Ansell® BioClean™ Fusion S-BFAP Sterile Cleanroom Neoprene Gloves, Class 10 (ISO 4), Green

Ansell® BioClean™ Fusion S-BFAP sterile cleanroom neoprene gloves offer protection from a range of chemicals and high tactility & comfort. Thes ultra clean cleanroom gloves are double-donnable and feature a beaded cuff for strength and stability on the arm. Gloves are pre-sterilized and designed for use in aeseptic cleanroom manufacturing and laboratory environments. Ideal for double-gloving. Neoprene (polychloroprene) rubber compound is highly chemical resistant. Powder-Free & Latex-Free. Increased tactility for a great wet or dry grip. Beaded cuff for strength and easy donning & doffing. Low levels of ionic content and particles for excellent product protection. Non-particulating EasyTear packaging for cleanroom use. Color: Green; Length: 12-Inches; Palm Thickness: 3.94mil; Finger Thickness: 4.72mil.