Ansell® BioClean™ Ultimate BUPS Sterile Cleanroom Neoprene Gloves, Class 10 (ISO 4)

Ansell® BioClean™ Ultimate BUPS sterile cleanroom neoprene gloves (polychloroprene) provide excellent chemical resistance and a low particle count. The hand-specific, ergonomic shape of these gloves provides offers flexibility and comfort for the wearer while also enabling good dexterity. Beaded cuffs provide for added strength and easy donning and doffing. Polychloroprene rubber composition is latex-free and powder-free and non-hypoallergenic. Pre-sterilized and designed for use in aeseptic work environments. Class 10 (ISO 4) cleanroom compatible. Powder-free. Tested to ASTM D6978 standard for glove permeation by chemotherapy drug agents. Ideal for double-gloving. Neoprene (polychlorprene) rubber compound composition is inherently ESD-safe. Non-particulating EasyTear™ packaging. Color: Natural; Length: 12-Inches; Palm Thickness: 4.33mil; Finger Thickness: 5.51mil.