BriskHeat® FGDH Full-Coverage Drum Heaters

This 55-Gallon FGDH Series full-coverage drum heaters have a single zone heating capability that is good for a wide range of applications including viscosity control, freeze protection, temperature maintenance, melting of solids, heating-up drum contents to required temperature, and thermal mixing. Manufactured with a grounded heating element that meets NEC 427.30 specifications and a silicone impregnated cloth facing and liner with 1in (25mm) thick fiberglass insulation that heats the lower two-thirds of the drum. Designed with a hook and loop fastener like VELCRO® to close and rated for indoor use. The programmable digital on/off temperature controller allows easy control of temperatures, with a temperature range of 50 to 160°F (10 to 71°C). Maximal exposure temperature on the heating surface is 500°F (260°C). The display is mounted on top of the controller box for increased visibility and user convenience. Includes a 6-foot power cord with standard 3-prong power plug (NEMA 5-15).

CE 73/23/EEC Approved. Material: Silicone Impregnated Cloth Facing And Liner With Fiberglass Insulation. Insulation Thickness: 1in (25mm). Maximum Exposure Temperature On Heating Surface: 500°F (260°C). Dielectric Strength: 2000V. Digital On/Off Temperature Controller Range: 50 To 160°F (10 To 71°C). Heated Area: Lower Two Thirds. Closure: Hook And Loop Fastener. Diameter: 22.3in (565mm). Size: 55-Gallons. Voltage: 120V. Total Watts: 770. Both poly and metal drum styles are available.

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