Ricca Chemical EP Colorimetric Standards

Capitol Scientific offers the full line of Ricca Chemical's EP Colorimetric Standards for your laboratory. The U.S. Pharmacopoeia Reference for these colorimetric standards is: USP-24 Monograph 631 Color and Achromaticity.

The EP Color Scale (European Pharmacopoeia) is a visual liquid color scale used within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The EP Color Scale is comprised of three primary color standard solutions which include:

  • B - "Brown" (9 Varieties Available)
  • BY - "Brownish-Yellow" (7 Varieties Available)
  • Y - "Yellow (7 Varieties Available)
  • GY - "Greenish-Yellow" (7 Varieties Available)
  • R - "Red" (7 Varieties Available)

These EP Color Standards are manufactured with a dilute hydrochloric acid (10mg/L) resulting in thirty-seven (37) liquid color standards shown above.

Reference: European Pharmacopoeia Method 2.2.2 Degree Coloration of Liquids.
European Pharmacopoeia, Strasbourg, FR (1997: 15-16). Website: https://www.edqm.eu/