LAUDA® ECO ET Transparent Heating Circulating Water Baths With ECO Gold Thermostat

LAUDA® ECO ET heating circulating water baths are equipped with a see-through, transparent polycarbonate bath tank. They are equipped with an ECO Gold digital thermostat control head that delivers 2.6kW of heating power with a temperature range of 20 to 100°C. The transparent plastic bath provides the necessary visibility in all cases where test samples need to be observed during thermostating.

The ECO Gold Control Head is fitted with a colored TFT display and features a comprehensive programmer with five programs and 150 time/temperature segments. It also includes a ramp function and a clock timer. Temperature profiles can be displayed graphically. The Vario pressure pump with six levels can be set to various output stages. A 1-point calibration of the thermostat can be carried out by the user. It comes with a mini-USB interface as a standard feature. This series of heating circulating water baths also include a cooling coil and closing plugs.

Applications include precise temperature regulation in quality assurance and analytics, sample preparation in chemistry and pharmacy, temperature control in electronics and life sciences, and cooling in material tests. It is designated Safety Class II, FL for use with flammable liquids.

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